A letter from Loraine

                                Welcome to 2018.

Our Storehouse Food Pantry is open afternoons from Noon to 3:45 pm. We are open every weekday but Tuesday as we serve Maries RII School District only.

Our Front room has become the Hospitality room with snacks in the afternoon for volunteers and clients to enjoy some time together. In the Hospitality room we have a greeter to help people feel welcome and understand what is available for them. We also have a Hostess that keeps food out and drinks available. Our Director over the Hospitality room is Mary Newbound. We try to have a game  available and a puzzle for anyone just wanting to come in and visit.

Our warehouse is where you are interviewed and shopped for food. A hostess will help you shop with a shopping cart.

Our Blessings Galore Store is open 9-4 each weekday but Tuesday.​​​​​​​​​

Our Community MarketPlace is the first Saturday of each month from 8-2. Blessings Galore Store is open at the 8-2 time as well.​​

Our On-line auction is normally put on Facebook on Wednesday. Friend us on Blessings Galore and check out our items for the weeks auction. all items are started (S.B.)with​​ a $1.00 bid and bids are kept in .25 increments. This does not mean you can only bid a quarter but it does mean pennies don't count such as 32 cents bid. I normally put on 70-100 items a week. These are the items donated to us. Some items go in the store and some on on-line auction.
Some items are put on Facebook Community MarketPlace.
It is the little house emblem at the bottom of the Facebook page.

So many other programs to consider​​​​​​ for we are movers and shakers for we are passionate as we are

A Community working together...................​​

                                               Sister Loraine Bossaller
                                               CAS Projects
                                               Executive Director​​
          Food and Fun
Dawn providing nutrition
education and help receiving Food Stamps​​
Help understanding Medicare and such
Food and Clean  up
Happy Volunteer